Burn Injuries

Electrical appliances, fireplaces, cigarettes, automobiles, candles, heaters, and defective products can cause a fire. No matter how your fire accident occurred, if you suffered a burn injury or smoke inhalation as a result of a product or another person’s negligence or careless behavior, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and the burn injury lawyers at Krause and Kinsman may be able to help.

These injuries are often very painful and result in necessary emergency room visits. One factor about burns that isn’t common to other injuries is that the most severe type of burn – a third degree burn – actually damages the nervous tissue so severely that the victim cannot feel the burn. Burns can often cause ugly scarring that requires surgery to remove. This surgery can be expensive and shouldn’t be your responsibility to pay. In addition to the physical damage, there is also psychological damage that can cause tentativeness around flames and hot/boiling water. While you should always exercise caution with regard to hot items, you should be able to operate without psychological distress from past incidents. Burns can stem from faulty equipment that was poorly manufactured or equipment that has simply become hazardous over the course of time. If that’s the case, you deserve compensation for your troubles.

According to statistics derived from the National Burn Repository of the American Burn Association, the following numbers and statistics were recorded in 2013:

  • 450,000 burn injuries requiring medical attention and treatment
  • 3,400 deaths from fire/burns/smoke inhalation
  • 2,550 deaths from residential fires
  • 40,000 hospitalizations
  • 72% of instances occur within the residence

Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death related to fires. Smoke inhalation damages the body by simple asphyxiation (lack of oxygen), chemical irritation, chemical asphyxiation or a combination of these.

At the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm, we will work hard with our experts to determine the cause of the fire and the cause of your injuries. It is important to act quickly when pursuing a lawsuit on the basis of a fire because the evidence is cleaned up very quickly. We need to get our experts to the scene of the fire to determine how we should proceed with your lawsuit.

Visiting the scene where the burn occurred

At the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm we know how important it is to go to the actual scene of the accident. The evidence obtained from the scene of the accident can really help in the overall investigation. Unlike many firms we actually go to the scene of the accident as opposed to just sending expert witnesses. We need to be able to properly describe the scene to the jury so they understand the accident.

Types of burn injuries:

While we handle many types of burn injuries some of the more common types include:

  • Workplace burns-Construction workers, roofers, plumbers and other type of workers routinely work with hot liquids and/or hot surfaces. These liquids may not be properly stored or the surfaces may not be properly maintained or protected. Employers have an obligation to ensure employees are safe and work in a safe environment.
  • Explosions- can occur anywhere. Commonly there are has explosions when a worker hits a gas line or a gas company does not properly maintain its pipelines.
  • Automobile Accident Burn Injuries

Who is liable in a Case of Burn Injury?

There are many people or businesses that can be liable for a burn injury. If a fire occurs in a home, restaurant, nightclub or workplace, a property owner, operator, and those involved in property maintenance may be liable. A property owner not only has an obligation to care for a property but also must keep doors and exits open in case of a fire.

If you have been burned the burn lawyers at the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm take pride in getting you the settlement you deserve. We believe that you shouldn’t suffer because of another person’s disregard for your safety. Contact us for a free case evaluation.