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Xarelto is a prescription drug that was introduced to the public as a solution for patients that needed to prevent blood clots. Blood clots, when not addressed in a timely manner, can cause a lack of blood flow to certain organs of the body. Patients diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat, those with a proclivity for blood clots, individuals with a high risk of stroke and even those recovering from surgery are often prescribed anti-coagulation medications in order to reduce the risk of stroke. In the past, these medications were prescribed in specific doses that varied from one patient to the next. When Xarelto came out, it was set to be the ideal solution for everyone and was produced in a 10 mg pill that was taken by individuals once or twice a day. It was marketed to be better than its predecessors like Warfarin as a more convenient option. Unfortunately, for many families, convenience was exchanged for the life of a loved one.

Despite being approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, patients and their physicians quickly discovered that Xarelto wasn’t all that it claimed to be. In fact, the drug touted to prevent strokes and blood clots was actually creating uncontrollable internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. Other patients were experiencing lowered platelet levels and abnormal liver function. Because internal bleeding doesn’t always offer a lot of visible symptoms or signs, it is possible for a patient to have blood collect inside of the body, preventing circulation to all of the internal organs necessary for life. Without immediate medical attention in the form of flushing the drug from the system using blood transfusions, patients run the risk of death. Hospitalization is required in order to attempt to save the life of an individual suffering from internal bleeding due to Xarelto.

Patients that have been on Xarelto and experienced any one of the many side effects have the opportunity to stand up and be heard with the help of a Xarelto Lawyer. By joining a current lawsuit, it is possible to not only receive compensation for medical complications or even the death of a loved one, but also to draw attention to the fact that there are still patients taking this medication on a regular basis. After suffering the effects of Xarelto, it is important that victims seek out qualified lawyers that understand the situation and have experience working on pharmaceutical cases. When it comes to tragic circumstances, it is important to have a legal representative that will fiercely fight for a victim’s rights while remaining compassionate to his or her needs. Patients and their families have already been through so much, and attorneys understand their fears and concerns.

With the help of a lawyer, victims can become part of a xarelto lawsuit. What is to be gained by seeking out a xarelto settlement? Victims have the ability to be financially compensated for the medical expenses they were responsible for because of the conditions created by the medication. The victim’s family can seek out expenses related to the death of a loved one and compensation for the mental anguish suffered because of the effects of Xarelto. Patients took the medication hoping that it would decrease their risk of stroke only to find that it actually increased their risk of death.

While the main goal of the lawsuit is to help meet the needs of those that have suffered, punitive damages are also being sought out. This is to ensure that the drug manufacturers, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, are found to be liable for releasing a medication that they knew to be dangerous to patients. In addition to any financial compensation that these lawsuits produce, they are also meant to draw attention to what this drug can really do and prevent others from unknowingly putting themselves at risk. The goal is to prevent other drug manufacturers from putting out a drug that they know will have a negative effect on its recipients.

The first step towards being a part of the lawsuit is a case review. Victims can provide evidence of their Xarelto prescriptions and offer paperwork describing any medical issues that occurred as a result of the medication. Most attorneys provide a free case review to help individuals find out if they are eligible to be a part of the lawsuit without adding an unnecessary financial burden. This also encourages people that are not sure if they have a case to make an appointment and learn more about case eligibility.

Anyone currently taking this medication should be aware of the risks and be careful to avoid any type of activities or behaviors that could create a risk for injury. After speaking with an experienced lawyer, victims are encouraged to contact their medical care providers to seek out an alternative medication to address their concerns. The risks associated with Xarelto are high and at this time, there is no movement towards having it recalled from the market.