How to Order Billing Records for your Kansas City Car Accident Case

Billing records will provide the jury and insurance adjusters a basis to assign value to your case. In other words, the billing records will help determine how much you should get paid for your case. I’ve spoken before about how important medical records are to prove your injuries, billing records are just as important. Billing records serve as a starting point to determine the value you will receive for your car accident case. We have written previously about the type of compensation you can receive from your car accident, read here to learn more.

All doctors keep billing records when they treat you for your injuries. The doctors are required to itemize the treatment that you receive. A snapshot of  a billing statement is provided below:

Krause & Kinsman- Car AccidentKrause & Kinsman- Car Accident

As you can see from the image, every single test and fee that is associated with the procedures are accounted. Many doctors will write a standard treatment fee, we make them breakdown the fees that way we can show the insurance companies that all the medical bills accrued from the car accident were appropriate and weren’t because of other procedures and tests you received at the time of your treatment.

Some Doctors will Over Bill because they Know You Will Be Receiving Money from your Car Accident

 Many doctors view your car accident as a payday. I have seen orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physiatrists, and physical therapists all overcharge because they know you will be receiving a check. We have a select group of doctors that we know and trust that we know will give you the best treatment as possible and will work with us on the amount they bill you for treatment. In the event that we need them to reduce their fees, they work with us because we send them clients every week. This relationship will help you receive more compensation for your car accident case.

You Need your Records Signed with An Affidavit

 Like medical records, your billing records need to have a signed affidavit with them that way the insurance companies know that the numbers were not changed and that the records are a true and correct copy. We have the custodian of records sign an affidavit with every billing record request. A sample is below:


COMES NOW ________________________________________, being duly sworn upon oath does hereby certify:

  1. That I am the billings records clerk of _________________________________ ____________________________________________; and,
  1. That in this capacity, I have custody and control of the complete billing records of the below-named patient who has been treated or examined at this medical facility; and,
  1. That I have custody of all the billing records of this facility for the treatment of patient Name, Date through the present date; and (abstracted set of copies)
  1. That I have personally reviewed these records on this date and certify that I personally identify these ______ pages of records as being the true and correct billing records of the Business Office as herein stated, concerning this patient during the periods above-mentioned and that these records were personally prepared by members of the staff of this medical facility and kept in the regular course of the business and profession of this medical facility at or near the time of the treatment or examination of this patient during the period above-mentioned; and,
  1. That the attached documents are correct copies of the records of charges for this patient at this medical facility during the period(s) above mentioned.

Who Should You Get Billing Records From?

You should get billing records from every possible source including: emergency room, physical therapists, primary care doctors, radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, and any other location that you have been for treatment.

During our initial consultation we make sure that we find out every doctor office and any other providers that you have seen to determine what billing records need to be ordered.


Car Accident HIPPA

You should know that all your medical and billing information is protected by HIPPA. When we order your billing records we send an authorization with your permission that we can request your billing records. We will have you sign authorizations at our initial consultation that way we can order billing records when you are done treating.

Why are Billing Records so Important?

Billing records are important to show that your car accident case is severe. It is important to properly order the billing records because an insurance company will see the records when reviewing your demand. If done incorrectly, the insurance company will know that you don’t know what you are doing and will give you far less compensation than you deserve.

Moreover, billing records help identify in the medical records exactly what your doctor was thinking when ordering the tests. This is crucial for a jury or an insurance adjuster to understand the extent of your car accident case.

Call Us and We Can Help You

We order billing and medical records every single day. We know the proper method to obtain these records and can help navigate the process of getting them together. If you do not get all your medical records in the correct way, you will be foregoing compensation that you rightfully deserve. Our consultations are free and can happen over the phone.

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