When Is it Necessary to File a Car Accident Lawsuit?

The majority of car accidents are not major life-shattering events. They involve small amounts of property damage and can be resolved easily by simply filing a claim with your own insurance company and providing them with the information required to find the other driver. However, some car accidents are far more serious. You sustain serious injuries, your car is completely totaled, and you require sustained medical intervention. 

It’s incredibly important to hire an experienced Kansas City, MO car accident attorney to litigate claims that involve medical expenses and other damages. Below, we’ll discuss why.


People Are Often Bankrupted By Medical Bills

Medical bills, particularly from hospitals and emergency rooms, are quite steep. Any out-of-pocket expenses related to your medical care deserves to be compensated. In the event that you have health insurance, you deserve to be compensated for your copay and your future care. If you require medical attention, it will be worth your while to consult with a personal injury attorney to handle your claim.


You Only Get One Chance to Maximize Your Settlement

This doesn’t get said often enough. If you are injured in a car accident, once you accept a settlement, the matter is settled. There’s no going back and renegotiating. Since you only get one chance to settle this claim, you want to ensure that you are compensated for all your damages. This includes pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and expenses related to lost wages.


The Insurance Company Represents Their Own Interest

It’s typical for those in traffic accidents to receive calls from an at-fault driver’s insurance company. The idea here is to trip you up and reduce the value of your claim. If they call you and you say that you’re doing better, they’ll use this against you in court. 

When you hire an attorney, all communications are routed through them. You don’t have to talk to the insurance company at all. Insurance adjusters and claims managers have been known to use convoluted claims management software to devalue claims. They stalk claimant’s social media accounts. They send private investigators after them to ensure they’re as injured as they claim they are. Their job is to represent the best interests of their client and themselves. They’re not “just trying to get you paid” or in any way helping you out. 


The Insurance Company Will Offer Far Less than the Value of Your Case

There are a number of things to keep in mind here. If there is some question as to liability, the insurance company will interpret all ambiguous data in favor of their policyholder. A personal injury lawyer’s job is to thoroughly investigate the accident and ensure that all possible information is made available in the claim file. Lowball offers based on false or incomplete data are common.


Talk to a Kansas City, MO Car Accident Lawyer

If you have medical bills, will be missing time from work, or can’t enjoy the activities you once enjoyed, the attorneys at the Krause & Kinsman Law Firm can help you receive the full value of your claim. Talk to us today to set up a free consultation.

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