Category: Car Accidents

Feds Change Drowsy Truck Driver Rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently relaxed some key Hours of Service rules. What could happen when truck drivers

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Legal Responsibility in Ridesharing Crash Claims

In 2010, just before the Uber/Lyft explosion, traffic fatalities were at a sixty-year low. Ridesharing has reversed this trend, and

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Answering Your Questions About Uber/Lyft Injuries

The percentage of Americans who have used a rideshare service has more than doubled since 2015. Uber, Lyft, and other

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SMIDSY Motorcycle Wrecks: A Closer Look

In many places, authorities label left-turn motorcycle crashes as SMIDSY (for sorry, mate, I didn’t see you) crashes. Another acronym,

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Electronic Evidence in Car Crash Claims

Traditional evidence is not always effective in all cases. The police accident report is a good example. Evidence collection is

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Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover My Small Business Losses Related to COVID-19?

According to a recent survey, personal services, like beauty salons and dry cleaners, and hospitality businesses, like hotels and restaurants,

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Can What I Say Hurt My Car Accident Injury Case?

When you’re injured in a car accident, it’s normal for emotions to run high in the following seconds, minutes, hours,

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What time is the Highest Risk for a Car Accident?

Even when being extremely careful on the busy streets of Kansas City, car accidents happen. However, the National Highway Traffic

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How to Determine Fault in a Side-Impact Car Accident

One of the first questions after any car accident is who caused the wreck. In many cases, determining fault and

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