Be Careful! Accidents in Missouri Construction Zones Often Occur During the Summer!

Many car accidents occur in construction zones during the months of summer in both Kansas and Missouri. Often, construction workers fail to put out the proper road signs making it difficult to determine what type of construction is coming up. Also, even with proper signs, road construction zones make driving more dangerous. We represent both construction workers who have been injured by cars and drivers who have been injured at construction zones.Car Accident

Construction Zones are Dangerous for Both Workers and Drivers!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is an average of 670 fatalities a year in construction and maintenance zones. These are staggering statistics. The CDC says there were 133 worker fatalities in construction sites in 2012, and 105 in 2013! As drivers, we need to slow down and pay attention while traveling these areas. Construction workers need to keep these areas safe as well by putting out traffic cones, lights, and have workers directing traffic in busy areas.Krause | Kinsman, LLCKrause | Kinsman, LLC

How Many Construction Accidents are in Missouri?

In the state of Missouri, 53 people have been killed in the past 5 years from car accidents in construction zones. There have been more than 3,000 injured in roadwork zones alone in the past 5 years. A task force has been assigned to help lower the rates of car accidents in construction zones.

Why are there so Many Car Accidents that occur in Construction Zones?

Auto accidents that occur in construction zones are happening at a higher rate than ever. One of the biggest reasons is texting and driving. When approaching a construction zone we have a shorter time to react. When texting and driving we are distracted and do not react as fast as well. Additionally, there are more accidents in construction zones because there are more unknowns. It is difficult to know how when a worker will be working close to the driving line or when the flow of traffic will change.

How can you Stay Safer when Driving?

  • Watch brake lights in front of you
  • Dedicate yourself to paying attention by not talking, listening to the radio or texting and driving
  • Follow other drivers at a safe distance
  • Don’t be afraid to slow down
  • Drive smart

How the Krause & Kinsman Law Firm Helps Drivers and Construction Workers?

We have represented both construction workers who have been hit by drivers and drivers who have gotten hurt because construction workers have put the incorrect signs out. We hire professional investigators to scour the accident scene to get evidence to properly present to the jury. Each lawyer that is working on the case, will go out to the accident scene that way they can get a clear representation of what happened. We interview witnesses, take measurements of where the traffic cones were placed or where the car started breaking.

Construction AccidentConstruction Accident

We Hire Expert Witnesses

We will also hire expert witnesses who will prove our case to the jury. We will hire roadway experts, highway experts, accident reconstructionists, sign specialists, and other experts who can help us tell your story to the jury. It is important that we get to the accident scene as fast as possible. We want to get evidence of the accident and preserve it, in the event we have to go to trial.

We Know How to Go After Insurance Companies

It is important to hire an attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies. We have written extensively on the importance of knowing how to work with insurance companies. You can read more about them here:

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Give Us a Call We Can Help

If you need help with your construction accident case, give us a call. We have worked on many cases that have occurred at construction zones. We will work fast and work to get you the compensation that you deserve. Feel free to get a free consultation at 916-226-6485.

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