Hernia Mesh Case Update

Dear Clients,

We hope this letter finds you well. This letter is to inform you of some recent developments regarding your hernia mesh claim/case. First, thank you for being a client of KRAUSE & KINSMAN in your potential case/claim against the manufacturer of the hernia mesh surgical device that was surgically implanted in your or a loved one’s body. We have previously identified that you or a loved one was implanted with a synthetic hernia mesh product and had at least one revision/removal procedure that we believe qualifies as a case against the manufacturer of your mesh.

Our firm is fully operating, and we are pushing your case towards resolution/settlement as fast as possible. There have been no settlement discussions yet, but we are moving forward as if we will be successful down the road. The Parties continue to litigate the cases, review documents, and take the depositions of witnesses. Many trials have been set for the Fall of 2020 (they were unfortunately delayed from this Spring to the Fall due to COVID-19). We will update you if these trials get delayed any further. These trials will help push all parties to the table to have meaningful resolution/settlement discussions. Right now, it is a bit of a waiting game for you, but we believe the cases is moving quickly compared to other litigations around the country. If you have not heard from us requesting information recently, then we should have everything to currently complete your case/claim.

We realize that this can be a long and tiresome process at times. There is a lot of information to go thru to make this successful for you. We know that clients have busy lives, and we strive to take as much work off our clients and make the claim/lawsuit process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. Having said that, we appreciate your help and effort throughout the life of this case. In order to ensure that your case does not get negatively jeopardized, we ask you abide by four basic obligations:

1. KRAUSE & KINSMAN (and listed co-counsel) are your attorneys.

You have signed documentation hiring KRAUSE & KINSMAN to pursue your claims against the manufacturer(s) of you or a loved one’s hernia mesh product. It is important to note that the law does not allow a claimant (like yourself) to have multiple law firms or lawyers representing them and filing duplicate claims against a product manufacturer. Right now, you should not speak with anyone or sign anything related to your representation of your hernia mesh case unless it comes from our firm.

2. Ensure Your Contact Information is Current

It is a duty to keep our office informed of your current address, telephone number(s), email address, and emergency contact person. You must always update us if that information changes. Developments in any case can occur any time, and we must be able to contact you. If your contact information is not up to date, then valuable time can be lost resulting in negative ramifications or even dismissal of your claim. Therefore, it is critical to keep us informed if you have a change of address, telephone number(s), email address, and emergency contact person.

3. Participate in Your Case and Communicate with Our Office

Please keep both of these numbers in your Contacts: 816-760-2700 and 888-493-7951. Please also save the following email address to communicate with us: paralegal@krauseandkinsman.com. You will receive communications from our firm via these numbers and email. Throughout the course of your claim, you will be asked to complete paperwork and legal documents. You may have already done so. We have a duty to comply with these requests from the Court. It is not optional. You must comply with any requests in a timely manner. Everything has a purpose and is important. Please be responsive to our staff if they reach out to you.

4. Keep Us Informed of Significant Medical Treatment

You must always inform us if you have a surgery that removes, revises, or affects your hernia mesh product in any way. You must do so before you encounter the surgery. If it is not possible to inform us prior to surgery, you must do so immediately or thereafter. You must be prepared to give us the date and location (hospital or medical facility) where the surgery occurs. You should also contact our office if you seek pain management or if you see any new doctors who are treating you for symptoms or injuries related to your hernia mesh. By keeping us informed, you are enabling us to gather records in “real time” – which results in us having the best and most complete working knowledge of your claim and injuries.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will reach out to you as soon as the next step presents itself. We look forward to representing you throughout the life of this case.

Best Regards,

Adam Krause & Robert Kinsman

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