Keep Safe: Holiday Car Accidents

I love the holidays. I love them. My favorite memories are going with my family to pick out a Christmas tree and watching my Dad struggle to tie it to the top of the car. I love going to holiday parties and wearing really, really tacky sweaters. “Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy”, “Christmas Shoes”, and “Drummer Boy” have all needed to be removed from my old Talkboy at one time or another. Putting it mildly–I am a holiday homer.

You also know that I litigate car accidents for a living. My firm is dedicated to those who have been hurt in car accidents. I am constantly reading information that helps me become a better lawyer for them. I study techniques on properly presenting my client’s case to a jury, how to keep my clients more safe in cars, and anything else that I can get my hands on that will benefit them.

Earlier this week, when I was studying crash statistics around holidays, I became alarmed. I had no idea how the amount of car accidents increased with the holidays. Going back to high school math, the standard deviation was off the charts. I decided I wanted to put something together that would explain the swollen number of car accidents that occur around the holidays. 

Please stay safe around these times. The statistics do not lie. It is more dangerous to drive this time of the year than any other.  If you are out at a holiday party, make a plan to take a cab or have a designated driver.  If the road conditions are less than perfect stay inside and spend time with your family. Please Be Safe!


Car AccidentCar Accident


What plans do you have for your holidays this year?  Are you traveling out of town? Let us know below!  Have yourself a wonderful holiday and we wish you nothing but happiness and safety-Krause & Kinsman.


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