Keys to Medical Care After a Kansas City Car Crash

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in the Kansas City area, you should immediately get medical attention to make sure you’re alright. But once you’ve gotten emergency medical care, your next call should be to an experienced auto accident lawyer from the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm. When it comes to fighting for your rights, our team has the experience and resources to get you compensated faster. Here are the five W’s of getting medical care after a Kansas City car accident.


Who Should You Use for Medical Care?

kansas city car accident lawyer
A Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers at Krause & Kinsman suggest you be proactive in your car accident treatments.

This question comes up a lot. People want to know which doctor to see. The short answer is, go to the hospital first. Get checked for life-threatening and serious conditions. If you still have pain and need follow up care, you should follow up with your primary care physician. If you don’t have one already, your attorney should be able to make good recommendations to doctors in your area who are familiar with car accident related injuries.


What Type of Doctor Should You Go to?

This is often a matter of personal preference, but there are times when it really matters. In general, if you have a fracture, you need to see an orthopedic specialist. If you have internal bleeding or stomach pain, see a gastroenterologist. Your emergency room physician can best advise you on what type of specialists you will require. For soft tissue, muscle strains and sprains, whiplash, and similar injuries, a chiropractor is often a good choice, as they can offer medication-free pain relief. Physical therapy may also be appropriate.


When Should You Get Medical Attention?

Right away! The longer you wait to see a healthcare professional, the harder it is to prove that your injuries were related to the accident. If you do not get emergency medical care on the day of your accident, at a minimum you should be seen by a doctor within 48 hours.


Where Should You Go for Medical Care?

The choice of a medical provider is extremely personal and should never be based on ads or even your lawyer’s recommendation. You want someone you can confide in and who you trust to provide you with good care. That said, the closer the provider is to your home, the more convenient it will be to get regular and ongoing care. If you choose someone far away, you’re more likely to miss appointments or give up on treatment.


Why Should You Talk to a Lawyer About Your Medical Care?

Remember, a lawyer cannot treat your injuries. Only a trained healthcare professional can do this. However, you should keep your attorney updated on the status of your care, as your attorney will be negotiating with an insurance company in order to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. The more your attorney understands your injuries, ongoing care, and the nature of your treatments, the better that he will be able to fight to get those medical expenses paid. And if you have to go to trial, your lawyer will probably need to have your doctor testify in order to demonstrate to a jury how your injuries were caused and the treatment that was required. For this reason, it is best to involve your lawyer as soon as possible.

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