Our Scholarship Program

Losing a parent is devastating and the trauma to a student can affect them both emotionally and academically. For too many families, the death of a parent can also cause financial stress and hardship.

A college education for many Missouri families can be financially challenging, but for a student who’s lost a parent, it can be even more difficult.

Our attorneys understand the far-reaching effects that type of trauma can leave on our children. We also recognize that many of Missouri’s young people show character and perseverance in the face of such trauma and we want to help them achieve their dreams.

That’s why we offer an annual scholarship to help relieve the financial burden for students who lost a parent at a young age.


Our Scholarship Program

To qualify for the Krause & Kinsman scholarship, one must:
  • Suffered the loss of their mother/father before they graduated high school
  • Currently enrolling in higher education
  • Submit an essay of no more than 1000 words to explain how you dealt with the loss of your parent and how that's shaped you as a young adult about to enter college
  • Be from the Kansas City metro area