Sex While Driving Accidents

Every year, over 3000 people die solely because they or another driver on the road were distracted. While most of the accidents involve cell phones and infotainment systems, a small fraction involve sex. 

 In 2017, a couple got into a car accident while having sex. When the police got to the scene, not only did they find the couple naked, they also found a three-month-old infant in the backseat. While the baby was unharmed, the woman, who was not in the passenger seat (but neither was she driving), ended up suffering from broken bones. The man (who had three prior DUIs) was arrested for child endangerment, vehicular assault, and suspicion of driving under the influence. 

 This accident occurred in the State of Washington, which has some of the stiffest anti-distracted driving laws on the books. In Washington, it is unlawful to eat while driving, hold a cell phone (even if you are stopped), or put on makeup while you’re driving. By contrast, Missouri has some of the most lenient (and nonexistent) distracted driving legislation.


Sex While Driving Is Not as Uncommon as You Think

We really hope this blog post doesn’t give anyone any ideas. But the fact is sex while driving isn’t all that uncommon. A survey involving 700 college students showed that 33 percent of men and nine percent of women admitted to having sex while driving. In sex, while driving incidents, 19 percent were speeding while nine percent were drunk or high. 


Sex While Driving Isn’t Cool

While it’s easy to see how mixing danger with sex can be alluring, the fact is that people die while having sex and driving. Remember when your mother told you to always wear clean underwear in case the police had to transport your body to the morgue? Imagine how embarrassed your parents will be if they found out that you died in a car wreck involving dangerous sex.

That’s what happened to one 31-year-old woman who was having sex with her husband while he was driving. When the couple’s SUV hit a canal bank, it flew 30 feet through the air. The husband was traveling 55 in 30 mph zone, which indicates that overstimulation can result in a heavy foot. He was also found to have had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream. 

This is serious. The husband could be charged with vehicular manslaughter or DUI resulting in death. In addition, his wife’s family can file a wrongful death action against him for the death, and they would almost certainly win. Perhaps worst of all, he will have to live with the fact that he is responsible for his wife’s death for the rest of his life.


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