Sexual Assault on Missouri Campuses

Colleges and universities are places of learning, socializing, growing up, and defining what one’s worldly beliefs are. They are also places of excess drinking and partying without adult supervision, which provides the perfect romping grounds for sexual predators. If you are the victim of sexual assault, an attorney can help you receive financial compensation for the horrendous damages that were caused to you. Prosecutors and police will handle the criminal side of your case, while a civil sexual assault attorney is the only party who will seek compensation on your behalf.


Fraternity Members Are Much More Likely to Commit Rape

Greek life is constantly being criticized in the media for one reason or another. Whether a pledge dies from being forced to drink too much alcohol or a fraternity member is accused of sexual assault, fraternities are notorious for poor behavior. In fact, men belonging to a fraternity are 300 percent more likely to commit rape than their non-fraternity peers on campus, according to The Guardian. While calls to end fraternities have mostly gone unheard as of to date, you can take action against the person who committed or attempted to commit sexual assault against you.


Victim Blaming and Intoxication or Blackouts

As with other areas of society, when sexual assault happens on a college campus, the victim is often blamed for somehow letting it happen or making bad decisions that led to the assault. Typical excuses made by the assailant and/or supporters include:

  • The victim was intoxicated;
  • The victim did give consent but does not remember because of their intoxication;
  • The assailant was intoxicated; and
  • The victim was the girlfriend of the assailant.

None of these excuses are at all valid. Whether the victim was romantically involved with the assailant or the assailant was intoxicated, consent must always be given. If the victim was blacked out or too intoxicated to legally give consent, sexual assault has still occurred. It is never the fault of the victim for “making a bad choice,” when he or she gets sexually assaulted. The person who committed the act should always be held accountable in criminal and civil court.


Sexual Assault Is On the Rise at Military Academies

Unfortunately, despite congressional oversight and prevention programs, sexual assault is still on the rise at military academies, as reported by NPR. Sexual assault has been on the rise over the past decade at Air Force, Army, and Naval Academies. In fact, it has become so bad that 50 percent more victims reported receiving unwanted sexual contact in just two years, with many student victims choosing to keep quiet out of fear of retaliation, scrutiny, or not being believed.


Reach Out to a Kansas City Attorney For Assistance Today

Sexual assault is a devastating thing that no one should ever have to experience. It is one of the most common types of violent crimes, and, unfortunately, the victims are sometimes not believed. We strongly encourage you to talk to a civil personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Call 816-399-3356 to schedule a free consultation with the Kansas City sexual assault attorneys at the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm today.

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