Shoulder Decompression Surgery Following a Kansas City, Missouri Car Collision

As we all are well aware of, driving come with an incredibly long list of perils. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 2.3 million people are injured in car accidents every year. Among these injuries can be severe damages inflicted to the shoulder. These shoulder injuries include damage to the soft tissue such as muscle and ligament, as well as to bones and cartilage. Many of these shoulder injuries require surgery to fix.

Shoulder Impingement and Its Complications

A direct impact to the shoulder, or, in a completely different scenario with prolonged use injuries, the rotator cuff tendon can become pinched between the acromion (the bone located on top of the shoulder) and the rotator cuff itself, according to Orthoinfo. When the area between these two structures becomes too narrow or damaged from bone spurs, the rotator cuff tendon becomes impinged. Too much friction put on the tendon will cause loss of mobility and considerable pain, especially when lifting the arm. The most successful option for treating shoulder impingement is shoulder decompression surgery.

Two Options: Medical and Surgical

Not all patients want to undergo surgery, and your doctor may decide that the best treatment option for you is a regimen of rehabilitation and physical therapy to improve mobility and range of motion, cortisone injections to decrease swelling, and pain medication and anti-inflammatories to decrease the pain as well as further decrease the swelling and hopefully reduce pressure on the rotator cuff tendon. However, 85 percent of patients report greatly improved range of motion and reduced levels of pain with shoulder decompression surgery, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Surgery involves a five millimeter incision and an examination of the bone and surrounding tissue of the shoulder. Uneven surfaces, such as bone spurs, within the rotator cuff  and other surfaces that the tendon is catching on will be removed to decrease friction and thereby improve range of motion. The patient will then wear a sling for a determined amount of time, and will most likely be put on anti inflammatories or stronger medication. Physical therapy, once the healing has begun, can further improve motion and strength. It takes six weeks for recovery and most strength to return.

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