Spring Driving Hazards in Kansas City

Spring is in full swing in Kansas City and many people are looking forward to thawing out from winter and enjoying the warmer weather. While the common adage about April showers bringing May flowers might be true, it neglects to tell anyone about the hazardous road conditions that springtime can create. As the roads clear up, drivers have a tendency to become over-confident and drive more recklessly, forgetting that spring driving conditions can be nearly as dangerous as winter ice and snow. You can help prevent car accidents by being aware of these spring driving hazards.


Slippery and Wet Roads


Just because winter is gone doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be smooth sailing on the roads. Standing water from melting snow and increased rain showers can leave roads very slick and reduce tire traction as you drive. Visibility can also be a problem, with rain hitting the windshield and other drivers splashing you or vice versa. Make sure to drive cautiously on wet roads and avoid large puddles, as they may be hiding potholes.


Potholes and Poorly Maintained Roads


During the spring, thawing snow and slush seeps into already existing cracks in the pavement, making them wider and wreaking havoc on the roads. For this reason, potholes are far more frequent this time of year. Even going through a pothole once can cause severe damage to your vehicle’s suspension or throw off the alignment. Regularly driving in these conditions does even more damage. Unfortunately, the most you can hope to do to prevent damage and accidents from potholes is do your best to avoid them.


Motorcyclists and Cyclists


Warmer weather means many Kansas City residents are going to forego driving their car and use their motorcycle or bicycle. Cyclists regularly become victims of car accidents and this spring has already seen cyclist fatalities. Because of their smaller size, cyclists often get lost in drivers’ blind spots. Drivers should be extra careful to share the road with cyclists, double checking before making lane changes or turning.


Increased Animal Activity


Spring also means increased animal activity as animals come out from hibernation and many begin mating season. Even in urban areas, animals can still be a hazard to cars and motorists should exercise caution in areas where animals, such as deer, might cross the road. Most animals tend to be active at dusk and dawn so drivers should take extra precautions at these times—especially during rush hour. Missourians are warned to keep their eyes on the road, make sure their lights are working, and wear seatbelts to reduce animal accidents.


Car Accident Attorneys


No matter how cautiously you drive this spring, some accidents can’t be avoided. If you are a Kansas City driver who has been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. For a free consultation, contact Krause and Kinsman Law Firm to find out more about how our skilled Kansas City car accident attorneys can help you. With years of experience in car accident law in Kansas City, Missouri, our team will work tirelessly to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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