Bicycle Accidents

With more than nine million people biking to work every day, safety is as important as ever. More Americans are choosing to bicycle for everyday transportation. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of bicycle commuters grew 40 percent nationwide. The Kansas City bike accident attorneys from Krause and Kinsman Law Firm work hard to protect bike riders.

An accident involving a bicycle can often times be significantly more devastating than those involving cars. Due to the vast weight differential between the two vehicles, it’s clear why an accident on a bike can be significantly more catastrophic. At Krause and Kinsman we’re determined to ensure your complete protection and peace of mind when you’re involved in an accident. We’re motivated to fight for every dollar you deserve. With our firm you’ll receive representation from lawyers who concentrate on accidents involving bicycles. We understand the physical and emotional anguish that can derive from a careless motorist. That anguish should not set on your shoulders.

As a bicyclist you have just as much right to be on the road as a motor vehicle. However, the unfortunate truth is that cyclists aren’t given the same respect in regard to right of way on the street. This often times leads to collision causing major injuries or, in some cases, death. Our goal is to help you receive a settlement that reflects the damage you or a loved one has suffered. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), more than 19,000 victims were killed or injured in bicycling accidents last year – almost 2,000 of them being children. Almost 75% of accidents occur at an urban intersection and almost 80% of the time the accident occurs in broad daylight.

Bicycle accidents may occur as a result of:

  • Motor vehicle drivers not paying attention.
  • Illegal U-Turns
  • Motor vehicle drivers not respecting the space afforded to bicycles on the roadways.
  • Unsafe road conditions including loose gravel, road debris, potholes or an uneven roadbed.
  • Rain-slicked roadways or other roadways affected by weather conditions.

What do we do with your case?

When handling your bicycle accident case, we will hire the best possible experts to prove your case. We will hire accident reconstruction experts to prove that you were not at fault but the person driving the vehicle was the one who caused the accident. Some attorneys sit behind a desk all day; we will physically go to the scene of the accident to truly learn about your case. We will personally bike and drive the location where the accident occurred in order to properly learn what the road conditions were like when you were driving your bicycle.

The laws regulating bicyclists can be complex and confusing. Most people, including many police officers, aren’t aware of the laws regulating bicycles. It is common to automatically assign blame to the cyclist. Allow us to look at your claim to determine who is at fault. By hiring us, you will hire a team of lawyers who understand a bicyclist’s rights. If you feel you deserve compensation for your bicycle accident then contact us today.