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Your Story, Your Voice, Our Passion

At the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm, we feel that those who are injured should not be obligated with expenses associated with their case.

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Your Story, Your Voice, Our Passion

We represent clients with a story to tell. Often it is a story full of mental, physical and emotional pain. We understand that pain and want to be the ones to help you heal. Trust us to hear your story, shoulder your burden and creatively and aggressively defend your rights. More than just a name and case number, at Krause & Kinsman our clients become a part of our family and we take our responsibility to family seriously.

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The Settlement Ticker

At Krause & Kinsman we fight hard for all our clients to ensure that their stories are heard. One of the first steps in a personal injury lawsuit, is to present the insurance company with a Settlement Demand package in attempt to settle your case before trial.

To show the insurance adjusters that we’re serious about your case, we’ve designed a Settlement Ticker. The ticker starts at our initial offer, and continues increasing until the adjuster decides to settle. The insurance adjuster will be able to log in every day they haven’t settled your case to see how much our monetary settlement demand has increased.

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What Our Clients Say

Powerful Stories, Life-Changing Results

We achieve results by being a strong voice for clients when they don't know what to say or how to say it. The right story told the right way has a powerful impact.


Our client had a mountain of medical bills that were piling up. The stress of debt and his injuries were really taking away from his enjoyment of life. He called our firm to help him in a motorcycle accident...

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We stand up against bullies, harassers and companies who don’t take our clients seriously when they are being sexually harassed. We represented four very strong women who together brought a claim against a restaurant for employees who sexually harassed them..

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We represented a young man who was driving his motorcycle after spending time with his family after an Easter gathering. As he was driving his motorcycle a car pulled out into the road and our client smashed into his vehicle..

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Apply for Our Scholarship

Losing a parent is devastating and the trauma to a student can affect them both emotionally and academically, and can also cause financial stress and hardship.

A college education for many Missouri families can be financially challenging, but for a student who’s lost a parent, it can be even more difficult.

That’s why we offer an annual scholarship to help relieve the financial burden for students who lost a parent at a young age. Click Below to Apply

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We know it's difficult to tell your story - but we don't mind difficult. We're here to listen and help. Schedule a free case evaluation with Krause & Kinsman so you can be heard.

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