How to Beat Colossus Insurance Adjuster Software

It’s true that many modern insurance companies use some form of insurance adjuster software to calculate your settlement value. It’s also true that this software was designed to reduce the value of your claim. Several elements can reduce or even eliminate the value of your claim based on capricious insights. For instance, were you aware that if you don’t see a doctor within the first 48 hours of an accident this will be marked against you by such software? It’s true. Nevermind the fact many injuries aren’t immediately apparent until the day or several days after the accident.


Colossus Operates on an Algorithm

The sense of using a piece of software to calculate a settlement is that it gives the illusion of objectivity while accomplishing the primary goal of every insurance adjuster: to devalue your claim and pay as small of a settlement as humanly possible.

The insurance adjuster will fill in fields related to your injuries and the software will generate some number. This will take into account your medical expenses and sometimes even loss of wages related to your accident. However, it does not take into account elements like pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment.

For instance, if you enjoy playing tennis, a wrist injury will cost you much more than it would a person who enjoys reading books in their spare time. Obviously, the person who enjoys reading books can still read books with a wrist injury; the tennis player cannot play. So the tennis player deserves to be compensated for his wrist injury more than the book reader is. Essentially, it’s that simple, but the algorithm won’t account for it.


Consumer Alert Issued for Colossus and Related Software

In 2010, a Consumer Alert was issued for Colossus and other brands of insurance adjuster software. The alert related to unfairly low claims for car and other accident victims. Consumers who were offered low settlements were advised to ask if the software had been used to calculate their settlement. They were also advised to recover printouts related to those calculations in order to assess if the final number was fair or not. Consumers were advised to ask if the software produced a “range” of potential settlement offers. Consumers were also advised to be very wary of accepting offers generated by computer software.


How to Beat Colossus

For those who have suffered severe injuries as a result of a car accident or another incident, the stakes are very high. Regardless of whether or not the insurance adjuster uses software or not, their job is to act in the best interests of their company. The best interest of the insurance company is to settle your claim for as little money as possible.

Your auto accident attorney’s job is to maximize the value of your claim. This means providing medical evidence and evidence concerning lost wages, but also emphasizing the emotional parts including what activities you can no longer enjoy as a result of your injuries.


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