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Types of Business Disputes

Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust law is the law of competition. Generally, antitrust laws promote fair competition and protect consumers and competitors from anti-competitive business practices. Our firm handles claims involving price fixing, monopolization, and conspiracy to restrain trade.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract claim arise out of disputes between parties of a binding contract. Contracts are written to ensure parties act in accordance to the contract’s legal standards. Our firm handles claims involving breach of implied covenants of good faith and fair dealing, negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent inducement, tortious interference, and non-compete and confidentiality agreements.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

People who are in a fiduciary relationship have a duty to act in the best interest of another party. People who owe a fiduciary duty can include officers, directors, high-level employees of a business or corporation, agents, and stockbrokers. By their nature, those who have fiduciary duties have a duty to act in good faith and a duty to act loyal to the people who are in relationships of trust, confidence, and reliance with the fiduciary. Our firm handles breach of fiduciary duty claims involving negligence or malice and fraud.

Construction Disputes

Construction law involves a complex list of parties: owners, lenders, architects, contractors, insurers, engineers, etc. Our firm handles disputes involving work delays, poor quality, defective work, and payment amount.

ERISA Class Action

Under federal law, pension and retirement plans managed by employers are protected. Your work-related benefits are not a gift—they are part of your compensation. Employers who are in charge of and control your pension plans or retirements funds are accountable for the decisions they make in managing your plans. Our firm represents hard-working employees who have lost benefits due to mismanagement by their employers.

Fraud and Misrepresentation

Fraud and misrepresentation can occur in all types of industries. There is always a legal action available when fraud occurs. Our Business Attorney Kansas City handles cases where deception causes the other party to misunderstand the nature of the transaction in which he or she is engage (fraud in the factum/inducement); when interactions of the parties are dishonest and induce you to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do (fraud in the execution); and fraud as a matter of law.

Overtime, Wage & Hour

State and federal wage and hour laws provide important rights relating to employee compensation. Two of the most important rights are the right to receive overtime pay and the right to receive minimum wage. Other important protections include meal and rest breaks, bonuses as part of compensation, and wasting time penalties. Our firm handles cases where we recover compensation for unpaid minimum wage, unpaid overtime, and for work performed “off the clock.”

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes can arise out of a number of circumstances. A business’s real estate if often its most valued asset because it is the place where employees work, live, and come together to expand a company’s goals and aspirations. Our firm handles real estate disputes involving breach of contract, commercial landlord-tenant disputes, failure to disclose defects, fraud/misrepresentation, mortgage foreclosure, option agreements, and title issues.

Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices

Unfair or deceptive trade practice are conduct that offends public policy as defined by statute, common law, or other means, and substantially injured consumers, competitors, or other business people. Laws cover a broad range of unlawful, unfair, or fraudulent practices and deceptive, unfair, or misleading advertising. Our firm handles cases involving fraudulently inducing consumers in to buying a product or purchasing services; advertising services or products without having any intention of offering them; failing to provide accurate information about goods or services; misrepresenting the condition or benefits of a certain product; nondisclosures in real estate transactions; falsely advertising drugs or devices; deceptive financing schemes; and, bad faith insurance.

Unpaid Wages

State and federal law protects employees who have not been paid wages, including overtime, commissions, or bonuses in which they earned. Businesses often leave employees without a way to recoup money that they worked hard to earn. When that happens, our firm aggressively goes after employers who fail to compensate their employees.

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