Can What I Say Hurt My Car Accident Injury Case?

When you’re injured in a car accident, it’s normal for emotions to run high in the following seconds, minutes, hours, days, and even week. It’s important, however, that despite the chaotic situation and intense emotions you try to stay calm and be careful what you do an don’t say in the aftermath. Impulsive and even innocent statements can be misinterpreted, twisted, or used against you in ways that can severely impact the strength of any case you bring for compensation later. Here is a helpful list of things to remember after a car accident.

Things to Avoid

Some statements can be incredibly damaging in terms of establishing fault or the extent of your injuries. After your Kansas City car accident:


  • Avoid apologizing or saying “I’m sorry” at all – it can be taken as an admission you’re admitting fault.
  • Do not admit you were at fault – this is among the most damaging admissions you can make when claiming someone else is responsible for your injuries in a personal injury lawsuit.


  • Don’t guess or speculate about any questions if you don’t know the answer – even “I think” statements can hurt your case. Never guess about vehicle speeds, if you saw the other vehicles or any details. “I don’t know” is the safest answer.
  • Don’t comment on whether you were injured – just as you shouldn’t guess about the extent of your injuries, avoid saying you’re “fine” or “okay” after an accident. See a medical provider determine the truth. These words could be taken as admissions you were not injured.
  • Avoid recorded statements – insurance companies and others may want to speak with you and record your statement. Avoid this without consulting an attorney, because your words may be twisted and used to limit or deny your claim for compensation.

Talk to a Kansas City, MO Car Accident Attorney

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