Checking the Fluids of Your Vehicle for Optimal Safety

For many people, a car accident is about the worst thing that can happen in a car. The other thing is mechanical problems that can lead to costly repairs. One way to avoid accidents and repair bills is to make sure that your car is properly maintained. Of the maintenance one should do on their car, fluids are a rather simple yet crucial part.       

The fluids in your car do many things. They take care of everything from keeping the windshield clean to keeping the engine lubricated. There are many fluids to be aware of and each of them serve their own important function.       

Wiper Fluid

Washer fluid helps keep the windshield clean and helps the driver see the road. Wiper fluid is probably the least critical of the fluids in your car. An empty wiper fluid tank means that you will not be able to keep your windshield clean from inside the car, but it will not cause any mechanical failures. However, in poor weather, a lack of wiper fluid could mean impaired visibility.       


Antifreeze on the other hand, is necessary to keep your car running properly. Antifreeze is a confusing liquid, mostly because of the name. Some people think that it keeps the car engine from freezing, as in getting to cold and solidifying. Others sometimes think that it means anti-seize, in that it keeps the engine from locking up. In reality it is a little bit of everything. Antifreeze is something that is added to the engine to enhance the temperature range of a liquid.       

What that means is that antifreeze is an additive that allows engines to run at both, colder and hotter temperatures than a normal engine liquid. Antifreeze prevents the liquids from freezing at cold temperatures. It allows the liquids to stay liquid at colder temperatures than they naturally could. Additionally, this same antifreeze allows liquids to stay liquid at high temperatures without evaporating. Because of these unique properties, antifreeze is a very important thing to keep your engine and car running smoothly.       

Another liquid important to your car is the brake fluid. Brake fluid does just what it sounds like – it keeps the brakes running smoothly. Brake fluid is used to apply pressure to the brakes. Instead of a cable or lever, the fluid builds pressure that allows the brakes to clamp and slow the car down.       

Engine Oil

Engine oil is yet another fluid used by your car and arguably the most important. Engine oil keeps the engine lubricated and running. Car engines are complicated machines and run at very hot temperatures and very fast rotations. The oil is essential to keeping the machine running fast and smooth. It lubricates the parts and allows them to more efficiently operate. It also keeps the engine from experiencing too much friction and thus overheating.       

Engine oil is also important because it can run out or get dirty, both are problems. Most cars require regular oil changes. Changing the oil not only makes sure the car has enough oil, but that the oil is clean and not clogging up the engine.       

All of these liquids are very important to the operation of your vehicle. They can all be checked from the engine bay of your vehicle. With the hood up many of the liquids are clearly visible and somewhat easy to check.

What to Do If You Are in a Car Accident

It is very important to check these fluids regularly in order to keep your car functioning properly. Proper functioning is crucial to avoid repair bills, but also to stay safe on the road. If you are in an accident, whether due to fluid problems or not, contact the contact the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm for legal counsel.

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