Driver Safety Tips for Construction Zones

There are many things that could go wrong on your morning commute, but there’s probably one you’re really hoping not to run into: a construction zone. They are an inevitable part of the urban landscape and can even plague people on country roads. Whenever you come up on the orange cones, you know there are going to be cranky drivers and increased traffic congestion.


But do you ever think about the extra hazards that construction zones can create for drivers?


Negligent Construction and Car Accidents


Construction is a necessary evil to keep the roads we drive on safe, but sometimes negligent construction crews can leave roads even more dangerous. While most construction sites follow the laws set in place to protect drivers, some do not. There are several safety issues that construction crews may neglect, including:



  • Providing proper signage – The cones and signs on a construction site are crucial for providing motorists with the information they need to navigate through the area. Although both federal and state regulations are in place for what type of signage needs to be used, there are construction companies who fail to use proper warning signs, putting both motorists and construction workers at risk for injuries.




  • Making sure turns are safe – Vehicles cannot make turns safely if they do not have the right timing or space. Construction sites sometimes do not take these factors into account, requiring cars to take sharper turns than they are able to.




  • Cleaning up machinery and equipment – Construction requires a great deal of equipment and machinery. Although there are many regulations in place, construction workers may leave machinery and equipment laying around, potentially causing car accidents.




  • Removing/marking construction debris – Debris and uneven roads are regular parts of construction. A construction company that fails to warn motorists of these hazards with appropriate signage could cause injuries and accidents.



If a construction company is negligent, they could be held liable for accidents caused in their construction zone.


Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents in Construction Zones


There’s no way to avoid ever having to drive through a construction site, but there are plenty of ways to help you avoid an accident. Follow these guidelines for driving safely through construction zones:



  • Control Your Speed – When driving through a construction follow the appropriate signage for speed limits, adjust for weather conditions, and slow down when approaching any work zone. Do not return to normal speed until you have safely left the construction area.




  • Manage Your Space – It is important to be aware of the space around your car, especially in a construction zone. Make sure you leave plenty of room for breaking and maintain distance between your car and other vehicles, traffic barriers, and construction equipment. Also be aware of tailgaters or other vehicles not driving safely. Do not make any attempts to pass the construction on the shoulder or median; this is extremely dangerous.




  • Stay Calm – Construction can be stressful, but you should stay calm. Don’t rush your driving, pay attention to what’s going on around you, and plan for delays if you know you’ll be passing through a construction zone.



Injured in a Car Accident?


If you had a car accident in a construction zone and believe the construction company was negligent, it’s time to speak to an attorney. These types of cases present increased complexities and may require more time than a normal claim. Krause and Kinsman Law Firm has attorneys with years of experience handling car accident claims in Kansas City, Missouri. Call us today to talk about the specifics of your case and how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.


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