Safe Habits to Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major problem these days, particularly because of cell phones. 88 percent of car trips involve the driver using their cell phone, according to a recent study. This includes texting, sending emails, checking social media, and making calls. In Oklahoma, texting is illegal while driving, just as checking email is illegal, or posting pictures to Instagram. This extremely high percentage of dangerous drivers makes more sense when you take into account how addicted we are to our phones, according to Daily Infographic:

  • 12 percent of adults use their phones in the shower;
  • 75 percent of people check their phones immediately after waking up;
  • 50 percent of people feel “uneasy” when they forget to bring their phones with them somewhere; and
  • 50 percent of teens admit that they are addicted to their cell phones.


A Majority of American Adults Are Addicted to their Cell Phones

The average cell phone user checks their device 47 times per day, and 85 percent of people will interrupt a conversation to check their phone while speaking with friends or family, according to BankMyCell. A high percentage of Americans are so addicted to their phones that they are unable to leave it alone while they drive if they get a call or text. As such, 26 percent of car crashes are caused by cell phone usage. But cell phones are not the only type of distraction that drivers face. Distracted driving occurs whenever the driver is not currently paying attention to the road. This includes when the driver turns to talk to a passenger, searches for a radio station, eats or drinks, and much more. Below is a list of actions that you can take to protect yourself, your passengers, and other road users such as bicyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicle occupants, from distracted driving on your part.

  • Leave your cell phone in the back seat, out of reach;
  • If you need it for directions, use audio directions only, not a visual map;
  • Do not ever use a cell phone mount for any reason;
  • Adjust your mirrors before getting in the car to avoid adjusting them while driving;
  • Save your favorite radio stations by presetting them so that you limit your time searching while driving;
  • Do not make eye contact with passengers while talking to them, or use the rear view mirror to make eye contact with rear passengers;
  • Pull the car over if children are being loud or distracting;
  • Refrain from eating messy or hard-to-handle food while driving;
  • Keep pets leashed or barricaded in the backseat;
  • Learn where all of the buttons and dials are before you start driving a rental car or car that you are unfamiliar driving; and
  • Ask passengers to be quiet when driving conditions are dangerous (such as heavy traffic or bad weather).


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