What Should I Do If I Have Suffered Spinal Cord Injuries from Auto Accidents in Kansas City, Missouri?

Auto accidents in Kansas City, Missouri, are one of the most frequent causes of spinal cord injuries. These are among the most disabling of injuries in many cases, and your life could be forever altered by the devastation that occurs. The spinal cord is protected by your spinal column and the discs that cushion the vertebrae. But all it takes is for the impact of a motor vehicle collision to cause your body to twist unnaturally in such a way that the spinal cord is damaged or for the spinal column to be compressed or otherwise injured, and your life changes in an instant. In some cases, the spinal cord is damaged because it is crushed by heavy objects in the collision or by the crushing of your vehicle. In other cases, damage to the spinal discs results in damage to the spinal cord. Some people with spinal injuries are fortunate enough to make a full recovery and are able to go on about their lives after a period of healing. Yet, others are killed by these injuries or left permanently disabled.

Spinal Disc Injuries in a Kansas City, Missouri, Auto Accident Could Damage the Spinal Cord

Your spinal discs are the parts of the spinal column that cushion the movements and impact of your spine, between

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the vertebrae. There are many ways that spinal discs can be injured. There are slipped discs, herniated discs, and bulging disc injuries, for example. These are not the worst of spinal injuries, though they can be terribly painful. The most common symptoms include a burning pain that shoots from the location of the injury into the limbs. These injuries can often be corrected through surgery and physical therapy with medication to address the pain. They usually do not cause spinal cord injuries. However, when it comes to Kansas City, Missouri, auto accidents, the spinal disc injuries can be much more severe. If they put pressure on the spinal cord, then they could cause spinal cord injuries, and you may end up paralyzed by the affects of what started as a spinal disc injury.

Spinal Cord Injuries in Kansas City, Missouri, Auto Accidents That Leave the Victim Paralyzed

When a Kansas City, Missouri, auto accident causes significant spinal damage, it is very possible for different forms of permanent paralysis to result from the spinal cord injuries. Yet, there are cases where the spinal cord can be damaged without any permanent paralysis. This is why you are told to remain still when you are injured in an auto accident, because they may be able to save you from paralysis with the appropriate treatment for your spinal injuries. There are different forms of paralysis that can occur, with the primary symptoms including the loss of functioning and sensation in parts of your body. The parts of your body that could be paralyzed determined which type of paralysis you may have. If your whole body is paralyzed, below the neck, then you have quadriplegic paralysis. If the lower half of your body is paralyzed, below the waist, then you have paraplegic paralysis. If one-half of your body, one arm, and one leg, are paralyzed, then you have hemiplegic paralysis. If only one limb is paralyzed, then this is monoplegic paralysis. Sometimes, the Kansas City, Missouri, auto accident victim who is paralyzed will regain some sensation and function in the affected body parts. In other cases, they never will. You may need medical devices, such as a wheelchair, or other ambulatory aids to help you be as mobile as possible for the remainder of your life. These injuries to your spine are usually not repairable, so unless you spontaneously regain some sensation or functioning, you are unlikely to recover.

Additional Symptoms of Paralysis After Kansas City, Missouri, Auto Accident Spinal Injuries

While most people know that loss of sensation and loss of function are symptoms of paralysis, there are many other signs that you may not expect. For example, there may be initial tingling and numbness, uncontrollable spasms or strange muscle movements, difficulty breathing or speaking, and you may lose bowl and bladder control. Most people start to get very upset and to panic when they think that they may be paralyzed, but it is essential to stay still and as calm as possible. Just because you have these troubling symptoms, that does not necessarily mean that you are paralyzed. It may be that you have other injuries that can be quickly addressed, or even that your spinal cord injuries can be prevented from resulting in paralysis through quick and proper medical intervention. Panicking could cause you to move more than you should, possibly resulting in the very injuries that you are afraid of after spinal cord injuries.

The Cost of Paralysis After a Kansas City, Missouri, Auto Accident Can Be Very High

Paralysis that results from a Kansas City, Missouri, auto accident is one of the most expensive types of injuries that you could end up with. This is because the cost of your hospital stay, any surgeries you need, your medications, and your medical devices will be very high. Then, you will have to get help with your everyday living needs, which is also expensive. Beyond this, you may need to change your home, either by remodeling or moving, to ensure that you live in an environment that is not too restrictive for your new disability. You may need ramps and wider living areas for a wheel chair. You may need special furnishings, a new bathtub, and various other parts of your home to be changed to accommodate your needs. You may not be able to return to work, so you will have lost wages and lost earning potential. You may be depressed or anxious, and you might even suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. This would require mental health treatment that can also be expensive.

Recovering Compensation After Kansas City, Missouri, Auto Accident and Spinal Cord Injuries

With all of the expenses and losses associated with a spinal cord injury that results in paralysis after a Kansas City, Missouri, auto accident, you need to have a means of recovering compensation. Contact the auto accident attorneys at the Krause & Kinsman Law Firm to schedule a free consultation and get help with recovering the compensation that you need to live life to the fullest after suffering spinal cord injuries.

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