The Devastating Effects of Commercial Delivery Vehicle Accidents

Driving is inherently dangerous, even when the weather is ideal, road surfaces are perfect, and there are no large two-trailer-long trucks swerving from side to side along the interstate. Large commercial vehicles present a danger to other road users due to their size, difficulty to control, and lack of driver visibility for both the occupant of the truck and the occupant of the vehicle attempting to make a pass. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, ten people die every day in large truck accidents. Despite the fact that large trucks make up a very small percentage of vehicles on the roads in Missouri, large trucks were 7.7 percent of all vehicles involved in auto crashes, meaning that, proportionally, they cause or are involved in fewer accidents than the average passenger vehicle. The national average is just higher at 8.7 percent, meaning that Missouri has a slightly lower than average number of trucks involved in crashes.

Why Are Large Commercial Delivery Vehicles so Dangerous?

The size difference between large trucks and passenger vehicles is what makes encounters between the two so dangerous, especially for the smaller vehicle. Large trucks have less control, especially in mountainous terrain or small, winding roads. Truck drivers have a hard time seeing vehicles in their blind spots, drive slower than the rest of traffic, and are often dangerously impaired by fatigue due to boredom and long hours on the road without proper rest. If you or a loved one were involved in a Missouri car crash with a commercial delivery vehicle, you may be able to collect damages in order to pay for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Who Is Liable in Commercial Vehicle Accidents If I Am Not to Blame?

The larger the commercial vehicle, the more likely the possibility that multiple parties were injured or affected on the road, which is why hiring an attorney with experience is important. Not only that, but due to the vehicle owned by a company, ascribing liability becomes more complicated. If the accident was caused by the truck driver, their company will likely be held negligent. Examples of this scenario include drowsy driving, distracted driving, improper lane changes (such as not using a turn signal and simply merging over while expecting smaller vehicles to get out of the way), speeding, and other instances where traffic laws were disobeyed. In the event that loose cargo or improperly secured cargo caused the crash, the company who loaded the cargo may be held liable. If the accident was the result of failed brakes, a blown-out tire, or other mechanical issues, the trucking company may be held liable due to improper maintenance, or the auto manufacturer may be held liable for releasing unsafe products onto the market.

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