Traffic Accidents By the Numbers

In our last blog post, we discussed the alarming causes of car accidents and how they are on the rise. Statistics are wonderful indicators because they frame information and allow you to see it in a new way. They indicate that the number of traffic accidents each year is on the rise. They also indicate that the number of fatalities each year continues to rise. There are more cars on the road than ever before. There are more distractions than ever before. So what are the facts surrounding car accidents?


Six Million Car Accidents Each Year

Each year there are about six million car accidents. This number increases, but it always hovers around six million. In the U.S., there are around 225 million drivers. Of course, this only includes those with licenses. It does not include those who are driving without licenses. Six million accidents per 225 million drivers may not sound like a lot. But as the number of drivers increases, so too will the number of car accidents.


Six Percent of All Accidents Result in Death

Six percent of all car accidents result in the death of the driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, or someone else. Twenty-seven percent result in a serious injury, while 72 percent result in property damage. Roughly two million Americans suffer permanent injury as a result of a car accident, while three million suffer some kind of injury.

 While it is estimated that 14 percent of drivers do not wear a seatbelt while driving, those who died in fatal accidents accounted for 27 percent of all fatalities. Seatbelts reduce your risk of death by 45 percent, and you are 30 times more likely to be ejected from the vehicle if you are not wearing a seatbelt. Seatbelts reduce your risk of serious injury by 50 percent.

Despite this, the number of individuals killed as a result of not wearing a seatbelt was 4.6 percent higher in 2016 than it was in 2015.


Distracted Driving Accidents 

The CDC reports that there are three main types of distracted driving accidents: visual, cognitive, and manual. Visual accidents involve those in which you take your eye off the road. Cognitive distraction involves taking your mind off driving. Manual distraction involves taking your hands off the wheel.

Distracted driving accounts for nearly 10 percent of all accidents. This number excludes accidents in which a driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol. This 10 percent involve sober drivers who are texting, talking on their cell phones, trying to program their GPS, fiddling with their radios, or otherwise not paying attention to the road.  

Each year, there are around 400,000 accidents involving distracted driving. These accidents will result in nearly 4,000 deaths. Proportionally, drivers under the age of 20 account for a higher percentage of distraction-related accidents than other drivers of other age groups. Keep your eyes and your mind on the road. If you cause an accident while distracted, you’re liable.


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