What Help is Available for Sexually Abused Victims?

Lawmakers in Missouri recently expanded the help which is available to sexually abused victims. This latest expansion, which involved financial contributions to domestic violence shelters, is just the most recent legal change which is designed to protect sexual assault victims.

Plenty of new laws are available, but these laws are only tools. A skilled Kansas City personal injury attorney must use these tools to protect victims and obtain the financial compensation they need and deserve.

Immediate Assistance

If you are a sexual abuse victim, even if your spouse inflicted that harm, immediate assistance is available, usually in the form of a protective order.

Most judges issue temporary protective orders based solely on the alleged victim’s affidavit. These preliminary orders usually forbid the alleged abuser from coming to the alleged victim’s workplace or the children’s school. In some cases, these protective orders even include kick-out orders which command alleged abusers to vacate shared residences.

Following a hearing, a judge may issue a stronger and longer-lasting protective order. These orders normally keep the current protections in place and add other provisions, such as payment of financial support.

Long-Term Assistance

Occasionally, sexual abuse victims repress their memories. They do not consider filing legal action for several years, or even several decades. These victims usually still have legal options, largely thanks to the delayed discovery rule. Victims need not file claims until they know the full extent of their injuries and connect those injuries with a defendant’s wrongful conduct.

This legal action usually involves an assault claim. Basically, an assault is an intentional touch that is harmful or offensive.

In this context, “intentional” does not mean “malicious.” Instead, this word essentially means non-accidental. As for the touch, almost any contact could be harmful or offensive to a sexual assault victim. The touch need not necessarily be sexual to constitute sexual violence.

These victims need financial compensation to put their lives back together. Perhaps more importantly, these victims need justice. For too long, organizations like the Boy Scouts tried to sweep these incidents under the rug. Legal action brings these incidents into the light.

Sexually abused victims have access to short-term and long-term legal help. For a free consultation with an experienced sexual abuse attorney in Kansas City, contact the Krause & Kinsman Law Firm. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.


Are organizations like the Boy Scouts responsible for sexual abuse?

Yes. Various legal theories could apply, such as negligent hiring and negligent supervision.

What’s the statute of limitations in a sexual abuse case?

Missouri sexual abuse victims have five years from the date they discover their injuries to file legal claims.

What are my options if I was attacked in a parking garage?

The parking garage owner is usually responsible for damage, under a theory like negligent security.

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