Wrong-Way Collisions in Missouri

It can be hard to fathom just how the driver who hit you managed to head down the street going the wrong way on a one-way road. Were they drunk? Were they asleep at the wheel? Regardless of the cause, you deserve substantial compensation for the, most likely, egregious actions of the other driver

Wrong-way collisions typically involve head-on crashes, which leave both parties with traumatic injuries. If you or the other party swerved at the last second, the collision may have been a T-bone or glancing blow, both of which can still be fatal or cause devastating injuries. In the worst case scenario, a high-speed wrong-way collision can cause a rollover, which means that the occupants are subjected to not just one impact from the initial collision, but the impact of the rollover as well.

A Kansas City car accident attorney will help ensure that your pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills are covered by the appropriate party.


How Wrong-Way Collisions Happen

According to the Federal Highway Administration, wrong-way crashes account for one percent of all fatal collisions, with 300 to 400 fatalities happening each year. The following are the most likely causes of one-way collisions:

  • Texting and Driving—Texting while driving is becoming more and more of a problem. A driver can easily veer into the oncoming highway lane if they have their head down for just a few seconds as they read a text.
  • Other Forms of Distracted Driving—Talking on the phone, looking at a GPS, looking in the backseat at children, or eating and drinking are all types of distracted driving that can take the driver’s eyes or mind off the road, causing them to miss a sign reading “Wrong Way.”
  • Intoxication—Intoxication with alcohol, drugs, or prescriptions is one of the leading causes of wrong-way collisions.
  • Drowsy Driving—Falling asleep at the wheel or being too drowsy to pay proper attention to road signs is another common cause of wrong-way collisions.


Where Wrong-Way Collisions Occur

  • Freeway to freeway ramps—Ramps on highways and freeways accounted for 50 percent of wrong-way collisions resulting in serious injury or death, according to a study by the Federal Highway Administration;
  • Mainline freeways—In 46 percent of cases, fatal or traumatic injury wrong-way collisions occurred on the freeway or highway itself;
  • Exit ramps—Six percent of serious wrong-way collisions occur on exit ramps; and
  • Entrance ramps—Fewer than one percent of fatal or traumatic injury wrong-way collisions occur on entrance ramps, possibly because the combined speed of the two vehicles is lower there than at exit ramps.


Our Kansas City Accident Attorneys Can Help

Regardless of how the crash occurred or where it occurred, our attorneys are confident that we can assist you in receiving compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering, lost wages, property damage, lost earning capacity, and other damages. We urge you to call 816-399-3356 today to schedule a free consultation with the Kansas City traffic collision attorneys of the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm.

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