Category: Car Accidents

Calculating Pain and Suffering in Missouri

There are many direct expenses that are forced upon the victims of car crashes. From medical bills and lost wages

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How Traffic Charges Affect Civil Cases

There are two parts to any traffic collision involving bodily injury—a criminal case and a civil case. The first to

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Seat Belt Use Affects Claims in Missouri

Seat belts save hundreds of thousands of lives around the world every year, and every state in the U.S. has

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Crashes Caused by Defective Parts

Over half of traffic fatalities occur when only one vehicle is involved, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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How Dash Cams Are Used as Traffic Collision Evidence

Dashboard cameras, commonly referred to as dash cams, have skyrocketed in popularity. Even in the last year, sales have grown

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Failure to Yield While Pulling Out Of An Intersection

One of the most common types of collisions involving two vehicles occurs when a car from a side street, parking

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Do Older Drivers Cause More Crashes?

There is a typical reaction when a driver makes an unsafe move in congested traffic, and the occupants of the

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Collisions Caused in the Snowy Conditions

As the weather turns for the worse this coming winter, there are sure to be snow days that clog up

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Was Your Back Injured in an Auto Collision?

The weak point in the human body is the back. Our upright posture has had its benefits over the millennia

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